Lasertainment is a full service production company and a one stop special effects shop that specializes in producing spectacular laser light shows, laser displays, media projections and special effects for all types of events and permanent installations.

Lasertainment produces and performs high quality shows all over the country and internationally at very competitive rates. Lasertainment has won many international awards and has produced thousands of laser shows that have been viewed by millions of people.

All of our laser light show projectors use the latest solid state technology. High quality optics, scanners and driver electronics. Safety features including key, interlocks, shutter, beam blocks, timeout locks and more. All full-color RGB with great white balance and color control. ILDA, FB3, FB4, CAT5 and optional DMX controls.

Our award winning in-house art department uses 3D Studio Max, Flash and Beyond laser software to create fantastic graphics, animations and productions. With optional SMYTE time code.

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